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WELCOME TO  "" - The premier website for cheap Bulgarian property and land.

I decided to set up this company after experiencing for myself the fantastic beaches and beauty of Bulgaria especially in the countryside and the magnificent snow peaked mountain ranges of Stara Planina, Rila, Pirin and Rodopi.

In Bulgaria there are wonderful natural areas of  beautiful countryside stretching for hundreds of miles from east to west and north to south with waterfalls, lakes and dams and even if you are in a coastal area you are usually just a mile or so from the agricultural areas with unfenced fields with horses and often donkeys and goats grazing peacefully and naturally often near the roadside,
If you have kids they will love it !

The capital city Sofia to the west of Bulgaria has a population of approximately 1 million people and has some truly lovely buildings and sightseeing opportunities.
There is a great selection of hotels and restaurants and of course many many shops offering lots of goods at incredibly low prices compared to the UK .

The cost of living is very cheap in Bulgaria especially for the British and you will be amazed at the excellent value for money you will find here, we have chosen a couple of examples of two of Sunny Beaches most popular restaurants, Condor and D’jannys (pronounced Jonny’s) so that you can experience the  great value for yourself.

There may never be a better opportunity to invest in Bulgarian land or property because this year they entered the European union and  the cheap UK airlines are pushing hard to be allowed to start flying to Bulgaria.

If Bulgaria has the same experience as Ireland did after it entered the EU then soon property prices should begin to climb rapidly as massive funding from Brussels for improvement to the infrastructure begins to take effect on road and airport expansion (already underway in many areas !)
May I suggest that you do not miss this opportunity and I honestly believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices of property on offer on our site especially the rural property usually with a huge piece of land included (often 1000square metres of land or more !) If you are interested then click on the location search link to examine what and where is available and of course the cheap prices ! Check out our bargain basement section for our cheapest offers and you will be pleasantly surprised.


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