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We can set up your Limited Company for you so that you can own land in Bulgaria. This is required by Bulgarian Law unless you buy one or more of our apartments, in which case the land is owned by the developer, so that you do not need your own company. If you do however decide that you wish to own land, perhaps to build your own house or maybe to purchase one of our rural properties with, generous land inclusion, then the process is quite simple and relatively inexpensive to maintain annually. The cost for company formation is 400 GBP. Our lawyers can handle the legal requirements for your purchase and ensure that there are no 3rd parties laying claim to the property or land. The cost for this will be 300 GBP plus government fees.
Many thousands of British and foreign people have already taken this step quite safely and rest assured you are in good hands with our legal team, who will thoroughly check out the property you choose.

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