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Why to Invest in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a European country, situated in the southeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula (South Eastern Europe). A small country with a territory of only 111 000 sq. meters, Bulgaria is a real treasure awaiting to be discovered! Bulgaria can offer a great diversity of natural beauties, historical sites of different epochs and dynamic modern life. Its picturesque scenery is breathtaking all year round and the country is constantly striving to preserve its rich traditions, cultures and varied natural resources, while opening up its wondrous works of nature to the visitor.   Despite its tiny territory Bulgaria is endowed with incredible abundance of alternating wide lowlands with plains, hilly lands, high mountains and a beautiful sea. From the unique nature combining  the fantastic sand beaches of the  Black Sea and world class ski resorts to its centuries-long history, Bulgaria has everything for everyone!!! All these natural resources favour the investment process in the Bulgarian real estate market, especially in terms of foreign investment initiatives. The still cheap prices of Bulgarian property, are another great incentive to making the ideal investment in a Bulgarian villa or second home, a house, or another type of property. If you really want to own property abroad, don’t miss the advantageous opportunity - BULGARIA is the right choice and NOW is the right time FOR YOU to invest in real estate!!!Don’t forget that the Bulgarian accession to the EU will cause considerable rise in the property prices and will definitely shake the real estate market. And there are many other stimulating reasons that will urge you to buy a Bulgarian estate immediately, such as:


  • Not only are the prices on Bulgarian real estate market among the cheapest in Europe, but also Bulgaria as a whole is one of the cheapest countries on the continent, offering ideal living standards to foreigners.
  • The real estate market in Bulgaria is highly-varied both in terms of property type and price level. Such a great choice makes all your investment plans absolutely achievable! Whatever you want to buy - a brand new villa at the seaside or a property resale, a quiet country home in a small village up in the mountains or in the inland areas, it is affordable at very advantageous prices varying from 90 000 Euro for a new home to 10 000 Euro for an old house requiring renovation!
  • Though the legal ban over foreigners’ land ownership in Bulgaria still exists, it will be removed after 2014 which is considered to be a positive step towards a more dynamic and free real estate market. At present you will have to register as a local legal entity, preferably an LTD to be able to buy land in the country.
  • The property running costs are extremely low and include mainly an annual real estate tax – 0.15 %, local and waste collection tax – aprox. 0.5 %. Arable land is exempt from such local taxes. Property transaction costs vary around 3  % and are lower than in Europe.
  • You can profit from your property easily by reselling, renting or mortgaging it.  The conditions at which these operations are performed are very lucrative. For example banks in Bulgaria mortgage at very advantageous credit rates.

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