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'Record numbers' moving abroad
, 15-02-2008 - More Britons are leaving home shores to head for warmer climes than ever before, according to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

Last year, almost 200,000 British people left the UK to start new lives in countries such as Spain, France and Australia.

Spain was the most popular European investment destination for these people, with 58,000 leaving to live there, while France was not far behind with 42,000 opting for it instead.

The Social Market Foundation's chief economist Stephen Evans said that it is now not difficult for people to go and live abroad

"We're living in an increasingly integrated world - it is easier and easier for people to move here and for us to move abroad," he told the Guardian.

The paper added that a number of factors came into play when people were making their decisions, such as improved weather conditions.

Such figures represent movement trends for the year up to mid-2006.

Another recent report from Barclays said that it has received more enquiries from consumers about overseas property

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