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Regulated Land in Bulgaria versus Unregulated Land

As you view plots of Bulgaria regulation land for sale, you will sometimes find that the agents use terms such as "regulated land" and "unregulated land."

If you are viewing unregulated land, then this typically means that the authorities have NOT marked that area for development. It does not mean that you cannot build there, but you would need to go through a legal process to convert the land to regulated land. Regulated land, therefore, means that the land has been marked for development (e.g. building).

When viewing land, it is important to establish whether the Bulgaria regulation land for sale is regulated or not, as this will determine how easily and how quickly you will be able to build a property on it. Some agents will tell you that they can help you get the land regulated. However, it is always better to get independent advice on how easy a process this will be.

I would suggest that you discuss this point with your solicitor to ensure that the whole process has been explained to you, and you have been given a clear idea of how long this can take.

You will typically hear claims that regulation can take anywhere between one and six months. But there is no "official" length of time by which regulation of land can be obtained, and therefore, there is also no guarantee, as such, that unregulated land can be granted.

The safest option for you would be to purchase regulated land in Bulgaria. But, of course, the price of this land is more expensive then unregulated land.

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